A series of high profile phone hacking scandals are rocking the nation and distracting Cameroonians from the real challenge facing the country as they are just two months away from the presidential elections.

This happened following a phone hacking scheme into the mobile phones of high profile inmates held at the Kondengue maximum prison, triggered by an unexpected phone call from one of the country’s famous prisoner Titus Edzoa to the head of state Paul Biya, in which it is alleged he harassed Biya and questioned him on why he is still being held after 14 years.  Titus Edzoa’s family have rejected the phone call claim saying they are fabrications of the regime.

Squeezed on how he got the direct mobile phone number and what exactly he told the head of State that left the president fuming, Edzoa is reported to have told the security officers that “ how he got the number and what he told the president  was none of their business ” and that it was a private discussion. However if they were so interested in the details of the discussion they could go ask the other party. Insisting that as far as he was concerned, he was not going to say more than he has already done and they could forget about finding out from him how he got the number.

Sources with full knowledge of the drama explained it was at this point that an order was given to the authorities to confiscate all mobile phones belonging to these VIPs in Kondengue.  Had some of the officials involved with executing the order knew what was to be revealed from some the phones confiscated, many would have advised the action be reconsidered.

Just like news corporations and security agents intercepting discussions, brute means were applied to access the communications made to & from each of the devices confiscated from the prisoners, and the content of some of the messages have brought untold embarrassment to some of the most senior government officials both in and out of service.

What has been making headlines and seem to be of public interest were the communications revealed from the phone belonging to Yve Michel Fotso, the son of the Cameroon Billionaire and Business Magnet, Fotso Victor. Yve Michel Fotso was imprisoned following allegations that, as the former General Manager of the now defunct Cameroon Airlines (CAMAIR), he created a ghost company which was then used to swindle funds allocated for the purchase of the infamous Albatross.

Despite being incarcerated, humiliated and imprisoned for all these while, Michel Fotso has maintained his silence especially on some of the suspects in the Albatross saga. All through many had suspected that Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o current minister delegate in charge of defence and the Chief of Bankingli and former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni played roles in the Albatross affair. Even Paul Biya acknowledged Ephraim Inoni had embezzled public funds but the amount was not alarming for him to be prosecuted like others.

Text messages received and sent from Yve Michel Fotso while in prison now confirm what many had been speculating. The former CAMAIR Dg has been in regular communication with these senior government officials including the Minister of culture Ama Tutu Muna, Lazare Essimi Menye ;Minister of Finance, Emmanuel Edou; former general delegate for national security

In one of the messages, he threatened the Minister delegate for Defense  Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o to settle him (Fotso) else he will break his silence, details below:

Message sent:
Destination: Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o
Mobile: XX XX XX XX
Date : 15/06/11 Time : 00:00
HiEdgar I am sending you this final message to ask you to give back what you owe me or I’ll be forced to break my silence. I have been patient for too long; do not forget that I have nothing to lose. So watch out.

This has left many wondering what exactly the minister must be owing the former Dg of CAMAIR. Has he just cleared the doubts surrounding Edgar’s role in the Albatross scandal.

In another message sent to Ama Tutu Muna, the Michel Fotso pleads with her to ask one chief to get back to him. It is being suspected the said chief referred to in the text message is Chief Ephraim Inoni, former prime minister, whose role in the Albatross scandal is still unclear. See text details below:

Message sent:
Destination: Ama Tutu Muna
Mobile: XX XX XX XX
Date: 27/05/11
Time: 23:00
Content: Good morning Madame Minister

It’s Ives M.Please can you ask chief to call me on this number.

These messages and many more extracted from the phone are now at the centre of the controversy surrounding these senior government officials who have been suspected of playing some key roles in the Albatross scandal.  So is Yves Michel the sacrificial lamp silently serving the prison term of many who should be in Kondengue with him?

These we shall know in the weeks ahead, when the head of state Biya finally returns from his long holiday in Europe.


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